Ontario Wines

Before I moved to Canada I didn’t realise that there were so many wineries in Ontario and now we seem to have settled in the midst of dozens of them!

Every drive we take we pass a vineyard and though neither of us really drinks,  (well, Allan doesn’t at all and I do a bit.)  it is really intriguing to see the rows of vines and to see the wonderful names of the vineyards.

For Thanksgiving I needed some Triple Sec for the cranberry sauce so Allan went into the LCBO and came out with a box full of “bottles I thought looked cool”.

One of the bottles was this one:  An absolutely amazing ice wine with brandy.

Ontario's Kittling Ridge Estates Ice Wine with Brandy

It is from Kittling Ridge Estates and it has a wonderful golden shade.

It was so delicious, with only a small amount needed, rather than a full wine glass.  It was so warming and just so perfect I wanted to share it with you, so if ever you wanted a perfect dessert wine you might try this.

It is well worth the drinking.  Such a great flavour and a small bottle is plenty for a dinner party.