Trifle – again!

What were you doing at 11:37 last night?

I bet you weren’t doing what I was doing.

Going downstairs with Bob and Echo to make trifle.

Posh trifle.

Not the sherry trifle I grew up with – that is for tomorrow!!

But posh, dinner party trifle.

By 11:42 I had set off the smoke alarm and was frantically trying to stop the mechanical woman’s voice from repeating “Fire! Please exit the premises!” because I had forgotten to put the vent on while I was boiling water for the jello for the not so posh trifle I am making tomorrow.  Actually for the two trifles I plan on making tomorrow…

By 11:45 I was standing in the torrential rain trying to convince Bob he isn’t made of sugar and can still pee even if it is raining.  He wasn’t convinced.

By 11:49 I was making custard, for all three versions of the trifle as custard is one of my essential ingredients, though I plan on making one differently from the way my Mom used to.

By 11:51 I was testing the custard and trying to convince Bob that he was made of sugar.

He wasn’t convinced so a minute later I was outside in the rain again.  Bob looked shocked as if he had expected it to have stopped.

It hadn’t.  So, in under two minutes we were back inside and I was trying to cool some of the custard fast.

By 11:56 I was assembling the trifle in a champagne glass – not the proper flute but the open glass.

By 11:58 I had finished taking pictures and was eating the trifle as wasting it would have been a sin…


Posh trifle!

Now, it is just after 12:20 and I have just remembered that I have to set up Allan’s papers for 3am. Good thing my sleeping pills don’t work!

Bob, who is apparently made of sugar, is lying by me destroying one of his birthday toys.  His cake will be posted very soon!  Echo has decided that life is unfair as she wasn’t allowed trifle and is lying on the floor probably plotting my downfall.

Allan is sleeping soundly.

Life is pretty good, right at this very moment.  I hope yours is too.


  • Sponge cake – or fingers – I used a vanilla cake I had made yesterday.
  • Fruit – thawed if frozen or if fresh with a small amount of sugar on it to bring out the juices
  • Custard
  • Whipped Cream

This is the simplest trifle in the entire world of trifles and believe me that is a big world!

All you have to do is put some ripped up pieces of sponge into the bottom of the glass.

I used three slices of peach to go around the edges of the glass on top of the sponge and a strawberry in the centre.

Then I topped it with cool but not cold custard.   (I would have liked to have left it to sit and allow everything to meld at this point.   But I couldn’t.  It was too close to midnight and I didn’t want to turn into a pumpkin before eating it!)

I made a quenelle of cream (which wasn’t as good as it could have been) and topped it all with another strawberry.

Very simple and it looks good.  Or, at least, Bob, Echo and I thought so!

Trifle is so good!