Summer Sangria

I rarely drink but there are some things I really enjoy.

And they are mostly cocktails and summer drinks.  Like the one I decided to make tonight.

Summer Sangria.

Okay, so I might be a bit behind, given that it is the end of October, but I wanted to hold onto summer for just another evening.

Allan bought a bottle of chardonnay for me at Thanksgiving so I decided to use it tonight with some Triple Sec to make a summery sangria and celebrate that it is Saturday and that it didn’t rain all day!

Traditionally sangria is made in a ceramic jug with a pinched spout to stop the fruit splashing out when you pour or in a punch bowl and served with a ladle, but tonight I just went for a glass!

As for the glass sangria is usually served in a sturdy glass as opposed to stem ware, but in my mind whatever floats your boat is just fine, though I did opt for the sturdy tall glass.

Sangria can be made with any kind of wine you choose, red, white, rose, sparkling, whatever you choose.  And I chose chardonnay.

I change it everytime I make it and I have yet to find a combination I haven’t enjoyed… Does that make me a bad person?!

The next step is to add something to the wine.  It can be whatever you choose, whatever fruit you have in your garden, fridge or in my case freezer as I decided to use frozen fruit to act as a cooler instead of ice cubes which would just weaken the sangria! And that would never do.

And then there is the final step… well almost the final step… adding the liquour.  It can be whatever you choose.  I am sure that any true Spaniards would be shocked by my interpretation of this wonderful drink but in my opinion Sangria is all about what you enjoy.

So, I added Triple Sec in my mix.  You could opt for vodka or brandy or any other liquor of your preference but I chose the orange flavour of the Triple Sec which goes really well with the white wine and frozen fruit, which slowly absorbs the wine and Triple Sec as it melts into deliciousness.

Jealous yet?!

Sangria is also generally made the night before to allow the flavours to mix but it works just fine throwing it together at the last moment.

The one thing I always do differently with Sangria than plain wine is keep it as cold as possible.  Many experts (and I am far from one!) say that the “twenty minute rule” should apply and that red wine which is usually served at room temperature should be put into the fridge twenty minutes before serving while white wine which is usually served chilled should be removed from the fridge twenty minutes before serving.

I don’t know if that is correct.  I am sure that there are many who know, but I know that Sangria is great as cold as possible on a hot summer day and even on a cold October evening!