Menu Planning

I have come to the conclusion that unless I start menu planning I will never get back into doing something I adore.  Cooking and baking.

Allan is setting up a new business and I am trying to help him as much as I can which leaves me with little time as the start of something new is always crazy.

So, today I made a menu plan for the next four weeks and a shopping list for the meals.

Costco and Bulk Barn are being hit hard tomorrow.

I just hope I can manage to go into a store for the first time in months nevermind two!!

Wish me luck!

I have planned the suppers but left breakfast and lunch for now.  I think I need to break in easily and cooking once a day is going to be a good start.  I also have plans to make at least one dessert a week too.

Trifle is tomorrow!! For sure!

And a great baked pasta recipe I got from another blog… which will be credited, so who could it be?!