The Liebster Blog Award!

Today I discovered that  Yummy Chunklet had awarded me the Liebster Blog Award. This award is for “blogs you like who have less than 200 subscribers, and who you feel should have more.”

First of all I was amazed that Yummy Chunklet has less than 200 followers.  It is a wonderful blog that is fun to read as well as bad news for my hips.

So, in return I am awarding it back to Yummy Chunklet and hoping that anyone who chances across this post will check out her blog.  It is well worth the effort.  I would love to be able to say that she doesn’t qualify for this award much longer as she is over the 200 followers!  Thank you for your encouragement and lovely blog.

I am awarding the Liebster Blog Award to:

Yummy Chunklet  – one of the MANY reasons I definitely would award anything that I could to her blog is this Nutella Filled Butter Cookies recipe.  Seriously, what more excuse do I need?!

Also, to a new blog I found thanks to this award, which is always a wonderful way to share brilliant blogs with others, a blog filled with deliciousness that I plan to make when my energy returns.  So, please check out Inside a British Mum’s Kitchen even if just for this chocolate cake which is causing me to get a bundt pan much sooner rather than later.

And of course, The Wednesday Baker who gave me the best biscuit recipe I have ever come across! Unfortunately, I can’t find it on her filled to the brim blog, but it is worth searching for and going through all the wonderful creations she comes up with.

Also, Pure Complex.  Not a food blog but one full of style and design and interesting things I would never have found by myself.  Please check it out.  I have learnt so much reading her blog and wishing I had such style!

Rufus’ Food and Spirit Guide is written by Rufus and his lovely wife and is full of things that make me wish I could come to dinner.

Bewitching Kitchen is always worth reading.  Again, it is bad for my waistline, but hey, it is so worth it.

Eat, Play, Love is wonderful.  It is an insight into one family’s culinary adventures and if those cute little kids don’t end up as amazing chefs it isn’t their parents fault!  I love feeling as though I have been invited into their home to share their fun and experiences.

I could list many, many more and probably will do another of these posts soon.  There are so many great cooks out there who are willing to share their ups and downs in the kitchen and in the process write beautifully about one of their greatest passions.

I also want to mention my other non-food blog – Musings, Happenings and Other Stuff.  Sometimes it raises a few smiles.  I am not giving it the award but just wanted to mention it.  If you have the time or inclination please feel free to wander over and give it a try.

Thank you Yummy Chunklet.  I just need to work out how to put the award on my page…