Curry Roasted Potatoes

I adore roasted potatoes and at our aborted trip to the market this weekend we had some new baby whites.

Roast potatoes, red peppers and onions

The market in Kitchener is great, but I have only managed to go once, at the start, when we first moved here.

So, on the last weekend of Summer I was determined that I would go again. Allan, as always, was with me and being careful of and for me.

We got two melons, and then moved to a stall where we got the potatoes.

Okay, where Allan did, I spend my time with my head down trying to pretend there are no other people around.

Then it happened.

The breakdown was through workplace bullying. A First Nations woman was physically, emotionally and verballing abusing me and spitting at me, of course, noone believed me.

Allan and the other outside teachers did, but all the locals said it was a lie, even when she did it in front of them.

I had to be med-evac’d. A special plane to get me out to a hospital as I was so far gone. I was back the next day and we started packing, Allan resigned and we left.

On Saturday when the Ukranian man pushed me I melted. I cried and hid behind Allan while the man screamed in Ukranian at me.

Allan got in a few choice words and took me, sobbing, to the elevator, where he got really mad and went back to “sort it out”.

Thankfully another man had seen the whole thing and asked Allan to be the bigger man, which he agreed to and came back to me hiding in a corner, crying so hard I was literally choking.

So, melons and potatoes were it.

I par boiled these potatoes whole and roasted them in a mix of EVVO and vegetable oil with curry powder, sliced onions and a red pepper for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Then I cut them in half and mixed the whole heap up to get them coloured all over.  I gave them another 20 minutes and then we ate them all up.

Fast, because these were good.

I just used a tiny amount of curry as Allan really isn’t into hot food.