Bad Tempered Chilli sans Carne

Usually when I cook or bake anything it is with love and feeling good about it.


Not so much.

I was actually intending to make a vegetarian recipe for nachos.  I had the chopped onion simmering when I discovered that not only did I not have any baked beans (and there is no such thing as a house in the western world that doesn’t have baked beans!) but there were no nachos.

Sort of a problem, not having nachos when you are about to make a nacho dish.

Due to my illness I can’t go shopping and I don’t like asking Allan to do it for me, even though I know he would.  So, we really don’t have much sensible food in the house and definitely no baked beans (seriously!  I grew up with a father who would regularly come home with a bargain of 48 cans of beans at a “price I couldn’t say no to”.)  or nachos.

I haven’t been able to eat much, I get sick or can’t swallow, so to find something I wanted to eat and thought I could only to discover I didn’t have the ingredients made me annoyed.

The fact I spilt everything and dropped an open can of crushed tomatoes all over the floor added to it.  Allan keeps reminding me that there is a reason I walk into things and drop everything but it is so humiliating and annoying.

Hence the name of this totally thrown together chilli.

Mind you it is hard to mess up chilli, though I was determined I had.

There isn’t really a recipe as I started throwing things together in an attempt to make something I might find I could eat and that would taste good.

What went into my pot was a chopped onion, which I softened before adding some garlic powder, chilli peppers and Italian seasoning (oh I have no idea why… I just did).

I cooked it out for a few minutes then added (the second as the first was all over the floor…) can of crushed tomatoes, a can of kidney beans and some sundried tomatoes.

Then I added some salt and pepper and a sprinkle of sugar to cut the acid in the tomato.

I served it with grated cheese.

Chilli sans carne with grated cheese

Allan used to tease me that I was the only person he knew who served chilli con carne with rice and actually called it chilli con carne.  He is used to it now, but tonight I couldn’t face rice.  I had enough cleaning up to do.

It actually was good.  I was amazed…  And it would have been great wrapped in a tortilla with some sour cream…