I know I am blonde. I know that I have lived in remote places. So, I know I am behind the times on lots of things.

I have never seen a Blackberry!

*waiting for you to recover from your faint*

I had also never heard of Freecycle. And with moving we have LOTS of stuff we have been donating to thrift stores.

Then someone mentioned Freecycle. And I love it!

I can give something I don’t need to someone who does. And that is something that makes me smile!

I have a huge pile of stuff to list, all of it in brand new condition, (I wouldn’t give away junk) but so far have given away four things. And I know that they wanted it!

I am having such fun!!!

I have asked for something – but I doubt I will get it – a wooden rocking chair. But that isn’t the reason I am loving this, I just love the idea of giving things away.

I get such a kick from giving away my trolley at the supermarket, or I did when I was able to go. Just 25 cents but it makes the person smile and that is so worth 25 cents!!