Breakfast on the run!!

I don’t know if you are aware of this but this morning breakfast officially was on the run.  I would say on the lam but it was ham and I am not sure if breakfast can go on the ham…

Hey, I just realised I have broken a story before CNN!! Even before the News of the World… oh… they don’t break anything except bank accounts anymore.

Tim Horton’s, or Timmy’s to all affisciandoes have the breakfast sandwich.  So does anyonther place I refuse to mention in anyway, other than to say that naming your farm “Grade A” is a sneaky way of saying that all your meat is Grade A.

This morning we needed something to grab and eat on the run.  Which kind of blows my News of the Worldy title, saying something that is true but yet not what it seems at all.

I made breakfast sandwiches.

Egg and Ham in an english muffin for Allan, and egg in english muffin for me, with just ham for Bob.

Shock! Horror!! Breakfast on the run from the law??

There is no recipe.   It’s a really easy, but for the me from pre-Timmy’s I describe the method below.

Split and toast your muffins, top with slices of cheese and keep warm in the oven while you heat through the ham and fry the eggs.  Then pile it all together, shove into a napkin, grab your keys and dash out the door before you are late!