The Joy of Cleaning!

I can’t sleep, so what else would I be doing than reading all my favourite cooking blogs and searching for more pancake recipes?

After finding approx another dozen recipes for pancakes than I “must make or die” I reckoned it was time to move on.

I found a blog that made me smile and believe me, after the last couple of months anything that makes me smile is good.

It also reminded me of how about two hours ago I was crying my eyes out while Bob and Allan sat helplessly on the stairs watching me, wanting to help but feeling it was safer at a distance.

The apartment we are currently in is a small one, the stairs basically lead into the dining/kitchen which is joined to the living room so saying they were on the stairs isn’t the same as in my house in Ireland where they would be a good 50 metres away.  They were mere feet away.

I had opened the fridge and a HUGE container of Activia jumped out at me and burst all over me and the floor.

Not a great disaster you would imagine but considering that right now if I drop a pen I get upset this was the end of the world as I knew it.  I burst into tears and my two heros came to try to rescue me and stayed to offer moral support.

Bob tried to help out by licking some up but Allan suggested that the menfolk should stay out of it after he offered to help, trying to comfort me by saying that there was no need to cry over spilt yoghurt and I just cried more.

Poor guys.  They put up with so much.

I got the yoghurt cleaned up pretty quickly.  Heck, with hindsight it WAS just yoghurt.

It was at this point Allan said, “Well, there! That was great! All cleaned up now.  Well done!”

But he was forgetting one of my favourite cleaning jobs.

Wiping up the yoghurt with damp cloths was just stage one.  The floor needed to be mopped and having been through the sponge mop that squeezes, going back to the traditional string mop, onto the mop you attach washable cloth to then moving to a mop you attach a bottle to and squirt liquid onto the floor I have finally settled on my favourite way.

Wet wipe swiffers.

I actually love cleaning.  The sound of the dust and dirt rattling into the drum of the vacuum cleaner is music to my ears.  And I kid you not when I say that when Allan bought me a new vacuum cleaner just weeks before we moved to the last fly in rez and I had to leave it in storage, I took a photo and put it on facebook so I could look at it longingly from time to time!

How could you NOT love this?

Sad, I know, but I am okay with it.

The blog mentioned swiffering.  And oooooh how I love swiffering.  I will do it several times a day, just so I can lift it up and look at the dirt stuck to the bottom of the wet cloth!  I have, and I am not exaggerating here, used 20 wipes in one session.  That said it wasn’t in this apartment, but in a house where there was a lot of wood floor.

So, I thought I would borrow the wonderful idea of listing my favourite cleaning tasks.

I love seeing the dirt on the bottom of what used to be a pristine white cloth.  It makes me feel as though I have accomplished something.

The sound of dirt rattling up the vacuum tube.  Sheer music!

Cleaning the lint from the dryer.  I once saw a picture made from different coloured lint, but mine is usually just grey.  Apart from when I wash my red dress and then it is a lovely red lint.

Brushing Bob.  Seeing him squirm in pleasure as the brush scratches his back and takes out the loose fluff.  I brush him daily and usually end up with enough fluff (it is fluff as his breed has fluff more than hair) to make a kitten!  I enjoy that time with him, sitting on the step of the deck, pulling the brush through his hair as he moves to let me know where to do next and tries to hide his tail and we both watch the world go by.

Making the bed.   It makes it so much nicer to go to bed when it has been nicely made, everything pulled taut and straight and made just so.  Allan teases me about the times he makes it, timing it to see how long before I have to tweak something and laughing as he says to Bob, “Told you she wouldn’t be able to resist!”

Bleaching the kitchen sink.  I used to be against bleach.  I still am to some degree, but oh how lovely the sink looks once it has been allowed to sit filled with hot water and bleach for an hour.  So shiny and clean.

Clearing all the laundry.  Having nothing dirty.  Everything clean and put away.  Perfection.  It makes me feel as though I deserve to sit down and search for more pancake recipes!

I could go on.  I do love cleaning but those are my top items… Oh! And cleaning the windows… and sweeping the deck… and…

I need to stop!

I have just read one entry in that blog so far, but I am going back for more, right now.  I just wanted to write about some of my favourite cleaning joys while it was in my head.

Do you have any?