Since we have moved back to “reality” we have only been out to a restaurant twice, and both times to the same place, McCabes on King which is about five minutes from us.  Both times we ordered an appetiser to share, the first time there were six of us , the second just three, and we both loved it.

The menu describes it as:

Tortilla pinwheels with jalapeno cream cheese served with salsa and sour cream.

So, they are really simple and nothing out of this world and definitely not Irish (but then to be honest when we went through the menu there were only about half a dozen Irish meals, though they have lots of Irish beer on tap!).

Allan enjoyed them so much I decided to make them for lunch today when we had a friend call by.  I used garlic and herb cream cheese instead of jalapeno as he really doesn’t like things too spicy. And the salsa could be piled on to spice it up to personal preference.

Antojitos with salsa and sour cream

There really isn’t a recipe, as such.

I just spread the cream cheese over the tortillas, rolled them up then wrapped them tightly in cling film and put them into the freezer to chill them for cutting.  The I sliced on an angle, though next time I am going to use more of an angle, and baked them until they were hot and slightly browning.

They were so good!

Simple, easy and delicious, perfect for me!