We have arrived in Ontario, actually we arrived a few days ago, but the stress of everything has just melted me.  

I have the dubious honour of being the only non-native to be med-evac’d from that particular reserve, which was the reason that Allan decided we were leaving.

U Haul tried to kill me.  We rented a truck and auto transporter for the car,  when we went to load it the transporter leapt into the air and missed me by an angel.  When we picked it up we were told it was connected and safe.  Turns out not so much.  We drove it through Winnipeg held on by pure luck.  The emergency road side guy came when we called and it took him a while to get the hitch off the back of the truck where it had landed and jammed.  He told us to sue.  So did everyone else we spoke to in the company.  It sounds melodramatic but genuinely it is a miracle it didn’t hit me as I was leaning over the hitch to get a straight view of the car tyres coming up the ramp.

Also, on the good news side, we have found an apartment.  We looked at a few, or more correctly we drove into the parking lot of a couple and Allan turned around refusing to go inside.  Then he let me go into one, just to let me see why he had refused the first few.

I wanted to cry.  The rent was the same as I am charging for my four bedroom detached house on a good sized lot with decking and patio and grass and two bathrooms.  The apartment was not similar in any other way than the price.  And the dead rat on the step really finished me off…

Allan reckoned I needed to understand.  Then we went to a five-plex and signed a lease for a newly renovated two bedroom split level.  We have a new home! No furniture yet, though we do have a 17 foot truck’s worth of stuff but that is a small issue. 🙂

But this is all irrelevant.

As I can’t cook for a while having no kitchen I am having to be creative with post content.

Tim Horton’s.

There is a joke that Tim Horton’s, or Timmy’s, are so popular in Canada that there is even one in the corner of every Starbucks.  It isn’t far from the truth.  I can see three Tim Horton’s from the hotel we are in at the moment!

So, in order to share the glory that is Tim’s with anyone not fortunate enough to have access to them…


Breakfast sandwich on english muffin

These are not Bob’s favourite… But Allan loves them.

Raisin Bran Muffin

Secretly, I prefer the ones I make, but these are good.

Berry Explosion Muffin

These… I HAVE to learn to make…  I HAVE too…

Inside the Berry Explosion Muffin

Now, you know why  I have to learn to make them.

Banana Nut Muffin

Banana… got to be healthy! And nuts too!

Apple Fritter

These are pure heaven.  Trust me.

Caramel Apple Danish

So good… and why have I never made danishes?  That will have to be remedied soon!

Boston Creme Doughnut

I would have taken a picture of the inside,  but I ate it too quickly.  And I am not even sorry! 🙂

And a gratuitous Bob travelling picture…

Bob and his lion keep an eye on the road ahead

 Yes… he is sleeping! 🙂