Cinnamon Rolls

I make cinnamon rolls using the artisan bread dough I have constantly in the fridge.

I melt some butter and add some brown sugar and cinnamon to it, while rolling out a hunk of the dough.  I roll it pretty thin as it will rise.

Once rolled into a rectangle I pour/brush the melted butter mixture over the dough, leaving about an inch at the edges before rolling it into a log.  I slice the log into pieces, depending on how large I want  the rolls to end up. 

I butter a pan and put the rolls into it, then leave it to rise as per the artisan bread dough recipe before baking in the oven.  I don’t use the steam method when baking as I want them to be soft.

Once baked you can drizzle more of the melted butter mixture over the top or add a cream cheese frosting.  Just whatever you want.

Perfect Pull Apart Cinnamon Rolls