Thank You Card

Thank you card

I decided a while ago to get into card making.  Then we promptly moved to another fly in rez which meant we had to put most of our belongings into another storage unit.  Seriously, does anyone else in the world have storage in two countries and in two provinces in one of those countries?  We are both looking forward to bringing everything out of storage in Canada and having my storage container shipped from Northern Ireland.

The treasures I will find! It will be like the best Christmas ever, as everything will seem new to us.  I am really excited about silly things like my Jamie Oliver china and the special canteens of cutlery and my Tyrone crystal glasses…  And my pictures… and my gorgeous rosewood bureau which was the only piece of furniture I kept… and all the momentos like photographs and my great grandmother’s glasses… and my collection of tea cups and saucers… and my cookery books… and… well I am excited.

This card is one I made with two little material rosettes.  They are so simple to make, a circle is cut from whatever fabric you choose and then the edge is hemmed by hand with running stitch and then the thread pulled taut to almost close the circle.

This is where it gets slightly fiddly as you need to form it back into a circle.  It isn’t difficult, just slightly fiddly the first time you do it.

I stuck two different size rosettes (more properly called yo-yos) onto the card and drew a stem.

Very, very amateur, but cute.