Chocolate Cake Balls

Two bites of chocolate cake in chocolate coated cake balls

When I last made a chocolate cake it was the great Texas Sheet Cake, which I used to make my Mini Layer Chocolate Cake.Β  There was only one problem with the cake, it was too big, as only Allan was eating it.

So, to solve the problem of possibly wasting some of it I decided to make chocolate cake balls.

They are so very simple, and were a bit of a trend some months back.

I just crumbled up the cake and mixed it with the frosting before rolling it into balls, which I froze triple wrapped.

Then when Allan wanted some chocolate cake I melted some chocolate chips with a teaspoon of butter and dipped the frozen cake balls into the chocolate to coat them.

Once the chocolate set they were ready to eat, as the cake had defrosted.

They are very rich, which is fine when you have just two bites in each ball.

Chocolate coated chocolate cake balls