Hanging Hearts

I made these hanging hearts before we were married.  I knew we would be living in a fly in community so would be very limited in the amount of things we could bring with us.  Decorative items had to come low down on the list and had to be light as well.

Gingham heart

I made a few sets of these to hang over doorways, to make the house feel more like home and less like an empty, bland, rented place.

The hearts were simply cut from gingham material and machine sewn inside out, leaving enough open to turn them right side out and stuff, then handsewn closed.  I added a few heart buttons to some and strung three together with a hessian cord to give them a “home spun” look.

As if they needed that…  They already looked  home made! 

Hanging Hearts

But they are cute and made the house look more homely and have moved with us, since then, to the other places my husband chose to work, and as this is being posted they are moving with us again.