Chocolate Cake in a Cup

Hopefully as this is posted we are moving.  Back across Canada from Northern Manitoba to Southern Ontario, travelling through the US.  We should have left Winnipeg this morning, having picked up everything from our storage there, including our lovely car.  How I missed her!

As this posts we should be standing in line at the US customs.  Well on our way to our new life in Southern Ontario. Wonderful!

Which means I am not cooking.  Which means that this blog, which I nurture every day and obsess over views will be neglected!

Not so wonderful…

So, I set this to publish while we were travelling.  And I am sure that everytime we stop and get internet access I will be checking to make sure the blog doesn’t feel neglected!!

Sad, huh?  But I have accepted that about myself and am actually okay with it.

This recipe is for an individual chocolate cake in a cup.  Similar to the brownie in a cup recipe I posted before. 

It sounds as though it shouldn’t work.  It does work and it tastes great, so if you want just a little cake to stop you diving headfirst into a normal sized cake this is the one for you!

It is also really fun watching it through the door and seeing it rise way above the top of the mug.  It does fall slightly when taken out but still is risen well above the top of the mug. 

It would be a fun thing to make with kids, as long as you are careful not to let them eat it too soon after it comes out of the microwave as it really is very hot.

It is really hot when it comes out of the microwave so take care… and enjoy!

Chocolate cake in a cup!

Chocolate cake in a cup
• 4 tablespoons flour
• 4 tablespoons sugar
• 2 tablespoons cocoa
• 1 egg
• 3 tablespoons milk
• 3 tablespoons oil
• 1 dash vanilla
• 1 dash salt (optional)
• 1 dash baking powder (optional)

Put all ingredients in a large mug and mix well.

Microwave for 3 minutes.

You will see cake rise, but it will fall when you take it out of the microwave.

Microwave times may vary. If it looks done 15 or so seconds earlier, take it out.

Eat, but be careful, it’s HOT!