“Home is where our hearts live” quilted hanging

“Home is where our hearts live”

 This hanging is appropriate for today, as today is the day we leave the rez to move back to Southern Ontario.  For the next five days our home will be a U-Haul truck and we couldn’t be happier about it.  We are glad to be moving.

We are flying out this afternoon and overnighting in the town the plane flies to, before starting our drive to our new home town.

I made this little quilted hanging from scraps of material.  It is really simple with an appliqued house design on a plain background and embroidered words, with a scrappy border and bound with a striped material.  I added a button for the door handle and a heart button in the corner.

It took just a couple of hours and brightens up a wall.
None of the quilting I do is complicated, or very accomplished, but I enjoy it.  And that is why I am posting this.  Because if I can do it, if I can get pleasure from making simple quilts and hangings then so can anyone.
I am not artistic.  I wish I was, but I am not.   But with quilting I can make something, create something that is both pretty and practical.  It is  a fun way to spend some time, being creative and making something tangible that can be used.