Maple Leaf Quilted Hanging

We fly out tomorrow.  Bob will be happy.  Not about the flight, though that will be okay as it is only 55 minutes and I have a little tranquiliser to give him so he will sleep for the flight.  But he will be happy as he hates the whole packing to move thing.  It really freaks him out seeing all the bags eveywhere and things not being the way he likes them.

Plus he might not have been all that delighted when Allan and I decided to weed out his toys.  He has (or should I say more correctly HAD) dozens.  Most of them little bits, butts of lambs, headless Santas, legless hippos and random bits of legs, arms and faces.  They got chucked out, leaving him with no more than ten almost recognisable creatures.  I had kept one new one for our trip but felt so sorry for him as he watched that I gave it to him.  It has no stuffing now.  He is incorrigible.

Allan keeps telling him he will be getting new ones, but he doesn’t seem to be buying it.  Maybe that is because I am insisting on washing the ones we kept.

Poor Bob.

But tomorrow will be the start of our new life.  The flight is just the start of it.  Then we drive to Winnipeg, down to Hibbing, Minnesotta (Guess who is married to a Dylan fan?) and on to London Ontario to pick up things from another storage, then on to our final destination. 

Whereever we end up, I know that there will be quilts everywhere, wall hanging quilts and lap quilts over the sofa and seasonal ones that are brought out at Easter, Christmas and other times of the year.

My mother is a wonderful quilter, she has a wonderful eye for colour, design and detail and creates heirloom quilts and hangings that she is very generous in giving to me and my sisters, neices and nephew.

I like to quilt too.  But I am in no way anywhere near my Mom in skill or ability.  I just have fun with it.

Last July I made a couple of these Maple Leaf hangings as a Canada Day gift for a special friend, Doreen, who had done so much for us in the months before and one for our house.

Maple Leaf Hanging

I needed to iron this, before taking the picture…

The maple leaf itself was a very simple block.

Maple Leaf Block

The hanging was completed with simple sashes of colour before being sandwiched and bound.

It was very simple, and I was happy with the finished hanging.