Cauliflower Cheese a la Royale

One day last week Allan suffered through a TV show with me.  It was all about the Royal Kitchens and one of the past chefs was sharing some secrets about how food was prepared in the Palaces. 

Since I left the UK I think I have become more royalist, though I always thought it was wonderful to have a Royal Family.  So, this TV show combined two of my loves, food and royalty.

One of the really interesting thing he revealed was that if a square sandwich is being served to the Queen, or any member of the Royal Family, the corners are cut off as in the past serving anything with points to the Queen or King was a signal you were going to try to overthrow them.  Apparently the tradition of cutting off the corners goes back centuries.

Another thing that tickled me was how they serve cauliflower cheese.  I was taken by it and told Allan that one day when we got a cauliflower I was definitely going to try it.

Wonderful man that he is, he somehow got me a cauliflower this past week, and a few other things, all of which sent me into rhapsodies.

And, yesterday, as part of our Easter dinner I made the Cauliflower Cheese a la Royale.

It actually isn’t much different to the way I always have made it, it is just how it is served…

Instead of a dish of cauliflower topped with cheese sauce and browned under the grill and served by the spoonful, each floret is dressed in sauce and browned individually, so that it seems you are getting a whole mini cauliflower on your plate.

I didn’t have the silver platters but I was able to use the technique of squeezing each large floret to dry it out and shape it into mini cauliflowers.   Next time, I need to squeeze it a little bit harder.  I was afraid of breaking or crushing it but after doing it once I know I can squeeze the towel a bit more and twist it under the floret harder.

My other problem was that due to where we are living I only have one large saucepan, which makes cooking several things at once difficult so I didn’t get to brown the top as much as I would have liked to.


Cauliflower Cheese a la Royale

Cauliflower Cheese a la Royale
(from the Royal Kitchen)

Segment the cauliflower into large florets.

Cook until tender.

Then take each floret and wrap tightly in dry, clean cloth to remove all water and to shape into perfect round shape.  Twist the towel under the floret and use your hands to form the floret into a perfect round.

Top with cheese sauce and sprinkle parmesan on top.

Brown under grill.

Serve individually.