These are a few of my favourite things…

The Baker’s Laboratory listed my blog on their list of favourite blogs. It made me smile so much that someone not only actually reads my blog, but likes it enough to admit to it! The fact that she referred to it as “an award of blogging awesomeness” is one of the reasons I love her blog. I just love the way she writes.

The rules of the meme is that you give seven facts about yourself and give a list of up to fifteen blogs you think deserve to be read by everyone in the world.

So, here are the blogs I read most and get excited about when I receive an email notification that they have posted something new.

Seven Facts About Me

• I wash out plastic ice cream containers and glass jars before throwing them away.

• From time to time my husband will ask me to translate what I just said into English. We are, as he says, divided by a common language. I am worried that I am losing all my Norn Iron-isms so I started a Northern Ireland Dictionary. (Yes, I am that sad, I wash out containers to throw away remember?!)

• We have storage in two provinces in Canada and another in Northern Ireland, all of which we plan to bring together when we move in the summer.  I am very excited about the move, as we have lived in very remote places due to my husband’s work, and this move is back to the South of Ontario.  Very exciting.

• Since we got married just under four years ago I have moved across the Atlantic and due to my husband’s work we have had to move across Canada three times. Those three moves included having to pack up one of the houses over Christmas and summer holidays meaning that I have packed up our houses eight times with another one coming up at the end of June. All in under four years. I am an expert at packing and travel with sonic mouse repellents, three trash bags and Lysol wipes in my pockets. Seriously.

• We have had no hot water in the house now for just over three weeks. It got old fast. I feel for my grandmother not having hot running water for years.

• I spend way too much time reading and searching for recipes.  But I am okay with that.

• Recently, I might have developed a pancake obsession.  Again, I am okay with it, and surprisingly so is my husband. 🙂

Dorsey Kitchen
When I read about someone getting excited about a trip to Costco’s I know I have to keep reading. This is a really well written blog, full of great recipes and guaranteed to make me both smile and dash to the kitchen with something I have to make or die.

My Strawberry Heart
I love this blog as it is a mixture of recipes, food, reviews and is such a treat to read.

The Baker’s Laboratory
I love this blog. It is full of things I want to eat and make. What more needs said?

Pure Complex
Mostly I read food blogs, and food sites, and food books and food… you get the idea. But when I want pretty this is where I head. It is written beautifully and full of beautiful things. One day I will be as stylish… one day…

The Wednesday Baker
Andi, who writes this blog, is bad for me. Take this post for example. I had to make it and immediately. Most of her posts drive me insane until I try them. The rest I save for later. I love getting the email that lets me know she has posted again.

The happy life of a happy wife
I love the name. And I love the content. It inspires me and makes me smile. Lots.

Rufus’ Food and Spirit Guide
What dragged me into this blog at first was the review of a restaurant in Notting Hill. What kept me was the quality of posts, like this one…

Eat, Play, Love
I only discovered this blog very recently, but it is such fun. The whole family get involved in round the world cookery. What’s not to love?

A blog full of nutrition and interesting facts and great recipes.