Belgium Pancakes – Mrs Wilson’s Cook Book 1920

I have a huge collection of pancake recipes. Some of them handed down in my family. But I wonder if this might be the oldest pancake recipe I have collected so far…

I discovered it on and it is credited to Mrs Wilson’s Cook Book 1920.

"Belgium Pancakes" courtesy of Mrs Wilson's Cook Book 1920

I know, correctly, they should be “Belgian” Pancakes, but the original recipe calls them “Belgium” Pancakes and who am I to argue?

Ask Allan! 🙂

When I made the batter I left it for no more than two minutes to get my camera (essential kitchen equipment, don’t you know!) and when I came back I literally gasped.

The Grimm Brothers’ Tale of “The Magic Porridge Pot” came to mind.  The bowl that I had left half full was now almost overflowing!

I knew that these would be very fluffy, light pancakes.

The cooking instructions were vague, “bake in the usual manner.”, so I decided to give them a couple of minutes per side and then kept them warm in the oven until they were all cooked.

I got eight pancakes from the mix.  You could easily get ten if you made them slightly smaller.  Three was a very large portion.

I did make one change… I used melted butter instead of the shortening called for.  What can I say?  I prefer butter.

Though, instead of topping them with syrup and butter I decided to top the pancakes with apple sauce and saute the wisening apple in the fridge, (I can make things sound so appetising, can’t I?).

Vintage Recipe Pancakes

Belgium Pancakes
(Mrs Wilson’s Cook Book 1920 –
• 2 cupfuls of unsweetened thin applesauce
• 1 well-beaten egg
• 3 tablespoonfuls syrup
• 2 1/2 cupfuls flour
• 3 teaspoonfuls baking powder
• 1 tablespoonful shortening
• 1/2 teaspoonful cinnamon

Beat to mix and then bake in the usual manner.

Serve with butter and syrup.