Faux Mushy Peas

As I was making good old fashioned fish and chips for supper tonight I wanted to make mushy peas too.

Of course, I can’t get marrowfat peas here, but I can get frozen garden peas, so I decided to make faux mushy peas.

Faux Mushy Peas

In the summer, once we move, we will be eating marrowfat peas for days in celebration!

This isn’t a recipe, instead just a method.

I boiled the peas, then used the immersion blender to blend them slightly with some olive oil and salt.  They don’t taste like real mushy peas, they taste like mushed up garden peas, which is actually good, but not authentic.

Not the real deal but a good enough imitation for tonight!

Faux Mushy Peas with Alton Brown's Perfect French Fries.