Egg Fried Rice

I wasn’t going to post this, as it isn’t a recipe as much as a method.

Egg Fried Rice

I make egg fried rice the way I learnt from a vegetarian chinese cook book.  It is hardly authentic though.  But it is good, we eat it a lot.  It is great with stir fries, and when I don’t want a heavy meal I love it with simple sweet and sour sauce,

I need protein due to my diabetes, and being vegetarian it is difficult to get enough here, but this gives me a great balanced meal.

First of all boil your rice, be careful that you don’t overcook it.

Then in a saute pan heat a small amount of oil and toss some sliced scallions for a couple of seconds then add beaten eggs and scramble them until just slightly underdone.  I suggest that a wooden fork is best to scramble the eggs and scallions.  By slightly underdone I don’t mean wet, I mean just a second from being cooked.  I tend to use around 4 eggs for two of us.

I don’t always have scallions, they are one of the near impossible things to get here, so a lot of time I don’t use them.  But they add a great crunch to the finished dish.

It is also a good addition, if you like bacon, to add a little bacon cut into small pieces with the scallion.  I don’t add this as I am vegetarian.  But, when I do it for Allan he loves it.

Add your rice, and stir/toss it all together for a few moments. Add a couple of dashes of soy sauce and stir/toss it around again.  Be careful not to add too much as it will make the rice “mushy”.  Just a dash at a time, until you get the colour and flavour throughout the rice.

This is the hard part as if you stir too hard it will go mushy, which is why the rice needs to be just cooked and not a second longer. It will hold up well if you are careful in how you stir it.

At times I throw in some cooked peas too, just to add some variety to life! 🙂

Another variation is to add some hot shredded chicken and make it into chicken egg fried rice too.

It is so simple and even great all on its own.