Mom’s Crepes

When we were kids, Mom made these for us on Pancake Tuesday.  My sister and I were like gannets standing either side of her with open mouths (literally at times, I think), waiting for her to slide one onto our plates so we could pour lemon juice and sugar over them before rolling them up and eating them as fast as we could get our forks moving.

I love that memory.

This recipe is the sweet version of the savoury crepes I made on Pancake Tuesday,

But my mom’s crepes are the bestestest.

Rolled crepe with mixed berry maple sauce...

No, I am not biased at all!

This morning for brunch, (after we were woken by a phone call from the airport asking if the teacher we were supposed to be taking out to the airport was coming as the plane was leaving in ten minutes…  Oops!), I made them with a mixed berry and maple sauce.

The sauce is scarily simple.  Throw a couple of handfuls of frozen mixed berries into a pot with a squeeze of maple syrup and simmer.

Then lie down in a dark room to recover from all that effort.

The crepe recipe makes eight.  I might have “tested” two at the start to make sure that I wasn’t about to poison Allan.  I might have, not saying I did.

But there were only three crepes each when I served them. O_O

I keep them warm in the oven while they are all cooked.  Then I put a small amount of fruit into each and rolled them before serving, delicately swathed in the remaining fruit and syrup.

Okay, so they might have been swimming, but it was good.

I think that there might be a bit of a pancake thing going on in our house.  I have two more pancake recipes I aim to make later this week!

Crepes/Thin Pancakes

  • 4 oz/ ½ cup caster sugar
  • 1 tsp cream of tartare
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 8 oz/ 1 cup plain flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 pint/ 2 cups milk

Beat eggs well and add milk.

Add salt, sugar and cream of tartare. Beat well.

Add flour gradually and beat until lumps gone.

Rest for at least twenty minutes.

Cook over medium high heat, approximately one ladle of batter per crepe, swirling into the pan.