Delia Smith’s Poached Eggs

When I was a child one of my favourite things my mom ever made for breakfast was poached eggs. She had one of the poaching pans, with little black plastic holders for each egg that created a perfectly domed egg.

I loved the creamy yolk that spilt over the plate as I cut into the egg. It was so good.

Years later Delia Smith put out a book called “How to Cook” and the first chapter was all about how to boil, scramble, fry and poach eggs. It was a beginner’s guide, and a lot of people mocked the need for it. But I loved it. I thought I could make great eggs. But when I tried her way I realised that I hadn’t really known how to cook eggs.

Delia Smith really had something. I have never cooked an egg since except in the way she taught me through that book.

It is so simple to poach the perfect egg. Just a couple of simple steps.

The perfect poached egg

The freshest of eggs simmered for exactly one minute in a pan holding one inch of just bubbling water. Then sitting off the heat for ten minutes while you prepare whatever else is to be served with these perfect eggs.

The link below takes you right to Delia Online for her step by step instructions.