Apple Uglies

I spend way too much time reading cookery books and reading recipes online in blogs and recipe sites.  Way too much time.  But I fear I am too old to change now, so my obsession looks set to continue.

It was while I was browsing recipe sites I came across a term “uglies”.  And all of a sudden, it was everywhere I looked.

The thing that attracted me to them, apart from their name which made me feel sorry for them and want to make them just so they felt loved, was that they were basically just biscuit folded around whatever filling you fancied.

So, in other words, pies.

And pies are good.

Biscuit pies, I hadn’t thought of though.

All the recipes I found suggested using a can of biscuits.  Which made me shudder as I just don’t like premade mixes or cans, unless it is a dire situation.  And really, even in a dire situation throwing together ingredients to make a cake, or biscuits, is just as simple as opening a mix or can and is definitely much better.

I used the biscuit recipe that I found a few days ago on “The Wednesday Baker” blog, actually I used the same dough.  I had planned to make these uglies and double plastic wrapped half of the dough and kept it in the fridge.

It was perfect, it kept well and was just as buttery and light as it was two days ago when I first made it.  I don’t think I would keep it much longer than two days, but it is a handy thing to know for future reference.

I added more cinnamon as I have been reading about all the health benefits of cinnamon, so have been sneaking it into everything I can recently.  I discovered that it is great for heart health, lowering blood sugar, improving insulin resistance, digestive health and all sorts of other things.  So, we are eating ourselves healthy… healthier!

The recipe I based the Apple Uglies on is:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Lightly butter a cookie sheet and set aside.

Flatten dough.  (At this stage I divided my dough into roughly large golf ball size and rolled them out into vague circles.  I really do mean vague…)

Top with a few spoons of applesauce and a sprinkling of cinnamon.  (Here, I relearnt a lesson I thought I had already learnt.  Less really is more.  I used two tablespoons of applesauce in the first one.  Things got messy when I folded it.  I used one in the rest…)

Fold to close and seal shut with a fork.  (I didn’t use a fork, instead I “crimped” it shut with my fingers.  For “crimped” read “pinched it shut and hoped it held”.)

Top with a pat of butter on each ugly.  Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.

Bake about 10 minutes or until biscuits are done.  (In my case it was much more like 20 minutes, but that could be because the biscuit dough was homemade and much more buttery, or because I rolled them slightly thicker than I was supposed to.  It didn’t matter, I baked them until they were slightly golden.

I can see why they are called uglies, but beauty is only skin deep, or biscuit deep in this case and they taste great.

They were a good breakfast, not too sweet, and would make a great dessert with the addition of cream or ice cream.

I am making savoury uglies next time!