Ever since I can remember one of my favourite desserts was trifle.

My mom made it with sliced up jam swiss rolls, topped with canned mixed fruit, jelly and sometimes custard.  Sometimes she also added sherry.

I loved it, especially when there was custard on it.  I could have eaten my own body weight in it.  I might even have done so a few times.

One of my grandmothers made a boxed Bird’s trifle, with cream and sprinkles on top.  I loved that too.  Especially when the coloured sprinkles melted slightly into the cream.

And a friend of my father’s used to make a very sherry heavy trifle.  He used to come for Christmas Dinner, since the year he split up with his wife and my father said something along the lines of, “oh we can’t leave him alone to sit with one wee lonely brussel sprout!”

Brussel sprouts are an essential component of any Christmas Dinner, of course.

That memorable line was delivered about twenty years or more ago, it is still quoted.  You can’t let the good stuff go.

My mom used to blink when she tasted his trifle and ask if he liked some trifle with his sherry.  It was good though.

I just loved all trifle.

And I still do.  So, when I had left over cupcakes from earlier in the week I decided the best way to use them up was to make a trifle.

Only because I had to, you understand.  Not because I really wanted to eat it.

It’s good.

I am working my way through it, not so slowly.  Allan is helping.

This isn’t really a recipe, more a suggestion.


Slice up sponge cake or cupcakes.  If desired add jam and sandwich slices together.

Line a serving bowl with the sponge.

Top with fruit.  I usedthawed frozen strawberries, blueberries and peach slices.

Cover with jello.

Chill until set.

Top with cooled custard.

Dive in.

I don’t have any nice glass serving bowls here, so have no picture of the side of the trifle.  I have some beautiful glass bowls, perfect for trifle, in at least of two of the three storage spaces we have across Canada and in Northern Ireland.  But this still tastes great, even if it is made in a plastic mixing bowl.

Lisa, from “Sweet as Sugar Cookies” hosts a virtual party on her blog and she asked me to join in with this trifle.   There are lots of lovely desserts and sweets on her “Sweets for a Saturday” spot.  I really recommend that if you are looking for inspiration or just eye candy that you head on over there to check it all out.