Rice Krispie Squares

This is not a recipe at all.

This is about how happy small things make me.  Though I doubt anyone, except me, would call Bob small.

I made a pan of rice krispie squares for a party in school, but times conspired against us and school was cancelled.  I could explain why but noone would believe me, suffice it to say it was surreal.

So, there I was left with all these rice krispie squares and only Allan, Bob and me to eat them.  All twenty of them.

Sometimes life is so very, very hard.

And, as you might notice, despite the name these are not actually squares… they are more rectangles.

Bob, we discovered, is partial to a wee rice krispie square or ten.  But he was only allowed a few wee bits.   They aren’t really all that good for him.

But they are good for us!

Allan had originally wanted pancakes for breakfast, but then remembered the lonely wee squares sitting unloved in the kitchen and decided they would make a much more nutrious breakfast.  Yeah, he doesn’t really get it.

He has said he will go vegetarian to join me many times, but I remind him that would mean eating vegetables and he decides just to let things sit after all.

It made me happy though, to watch my Bob eating the squares, he is just the cutest puppy ever.  I took video of him eating them.  He got the little pieces in his mouth and threw his head back to keep them in his mouth and crunched through them.  So adorable.

My sister is right, Bob is the most photographed puppy in the entire world. 

But then, he is the most handsome too.  I am not biased at all, of course.

Rice krispie squares, Allan and Bob made me very happy this morning.

And, just in case anyone really doesn’t know how to make rice krispie squares.

Melt one tablespoon of butter in a large saucepan, add 2 cups of fresh marshmallows and stir constantly over a medium heat until melted. 

Take off the heat and add six cups of rice krispies and mix well, until completely coated.

Press into a well buttered 13 x 9 pan and let cool.

Slice into whatever size or shape you want.

The ones I made for the party were plain, but these can be made special with the addition of chocolate chips, reece’s pieces, toffee pieces, smarties, mini eggs or anything else you care to chuck in there.

My sister, who has two little girls which therefore makes her automatically an expert in all things Rice Krispie squares sent me a message saying, “I melt dairy milk, butter & marshmallows, stir in crispies and m&ms, press in the tin, set on the fridge and try to eat them all before anyone else finds them!!!”

She is a genius!