Tied Quilt

I have problems sleeping.  I can’t work out whether it is because I am far from good and therefore don’t deserve the sleep of the innocent or because I don’t seem to need as much sleep as most people I know.

I choose to go with the not needing it.  Your opinion may vary.  🙂

Bob, my much loved and possibly slightly spoilt puppy, and I have a system for night times. 

Once Allan is asleep if Bob needs to go outside, which admittedly is rare as he was a dream to house train and is content with going out around 9:30 for his last wander, he comes to me.  He doesn’t make his usual “I need to go outside, cos I am desperate and nobody loves me and I never get anything I want… ever!” sound, but instead either fixes me with a death glare or if I am lying down he presses his cold, wet nose into my cheek.

It works.  For all of us.  Bob lets me know what he needs, I know that he needs to go out, and Allan is blissfully unaware in the land of nod.

I think Allan is more innocent than me.  He sleeps better usually.

There are times, however when I just don’t really want to get out of the warm bed to go into the hellish cold, particularly as I am one of those… you know… the people who are afraid of the dark.

Stupid, huh?

It is on those occasions that I realise that Bob is smarter than me.  Yes, a puppy is smarter than me.

Because what he does is really clever and works everytime, because as soon as he does it I am leaping from the cosy bed to take him out immediately.

Firstly he does the cold nose thing.  He presses it into my cheek or hand, and makes sure I am aware of what he wants.  Then, if I continue to ignore his needs, he fixes me with the death glare.  Then, if I still ignore his demands, he shows his superior intelligence.

He looks at me with a pained expression and walks around the bed to Allan’s side where he proceeds to put his front feet on the bed and lowers his head to just over Allan’s.  He pauses at this point, his intent clear and his expression clearly saying, “I don’t want to have to do this, but if you won’t take me out I have no choice!”

It is at that point I leap to his aid.

See?  He is smarter than me, he has figured out my achilles heel.  I don’t want him to wake Allan, therefore he threatens to just to get me to comply.

I am well trained.

Despite my fear of the dark I take him out willingly once he pulls that stunt.  I know that I am old and ugly enough to get over my fear of the dark, but it is a work in progress.

Though that said, when we got here in the autumn one night Bob was going crazy and we thought it was the wild rez dogs.  A pack of them had torn another dog to pieces the night before, so we thought that it was the same again.

The outside, porch light was broken and I was a day away from realising that when you buy the huge batteries for the large torches there are little covers over the metal bits that you need to take off.  (I had been trying for two days to put the battery into the torch… *blonde*).

We listened to Bob going crazy for hours,  he was pacing the house and barking at the window.  Allan couldn’t sleep and it was 3am.  He needed sleep to get up for work in the morning.  So, I took things into my own hands.

I went outside in the dark (brave, huh?) and fired our gun in the direction of the howling, whining, barking pack of dogs.  I aimed high as I didn’t actually want to hit any of them, just to scare them off.

It worked.

The next morning Allan asked me if I had seen anything out there.  I said no, I hadn’t. 

He showed me what he had noticed.  There is a trash collection point ten feet from our door.  It was overturned and there were footprints.

More correctly, paw prints.

I hadn’t shot at dogs.  I had shot at a bear.

I had been less than ten feet from a bear scavenging in the trash.  The rez dogs had been barking at a bear.

And I, in my infinite wisdom, had gone outside to shot at it.  In the dark.  Completely blind.

I am not so keen to wander around in the dark anymore.  Though we did get the porch light fixed…

But this is all an aside.  Which reminds me of a math teacher we had in school who was wonderfully side trackable.  We learnt so much about politics and how the headlights on French cars are aimed slightly to the opposite side of cars from the UK and how you need to have your headlights adjusted to take it to France on a driving holiday.

The point of this is a tied quilt. 

I made it before Bob.  It is hard for me to believe but there was life before my precious puppy jumped into my arms and came home with us, peeing on my lap five times on the hour trip home.

Life before being nudged from a warm bed to go stand miserably in the snow and icy cold watching the Northern Lights while a certain puppy jumps and gambols around in the dark.

I made this quilt for Allan, but Bob has since decided it is his.  Therefore it is his.  I promised to make another for Allan, as when he “borrows” Bob’s he gets the death glare.

Bob isn’t spoilt… honestly!

The quilt was so simple and very quick to make.  I got four one metre lengths of fleece material.  Two navy and two red.

I cut into each side of all four pieces.  I made the cuts approximately four inches long and made sure to keep count so that there were the same number of cuts on each side.

I tied the two red together lengthways and the two navy together lengthways.  Then I tied the two sides to each other.  The knots were very simple, granny knots.

In all it took under an hour. 

It is such a warm, cosy quilt, which is probably why Bob has claimed it and why Allan at times tries to assert his prior claim to it.

I really need to make another.