Stuffed French Toast – Cream Cheese and strawberries

This sort of started out as an experiment three summers ago.  A friend told me that one of their favourite sandwiches was cream cheese and sliced strawberries.

Well, how could I not test this combination?

So, when we got to London for the summer I bought strawberries (that in and of itself was worthy of a picture!) and made the sandwiches. 

Yes, I know that it sounds disgusting.  But I had to try it, after all strawberries are good, cream cheese is good and sandwiches are good.  Maybe there was something to these sandwiches…

And it turns out that Dante not only is a great graphic designer but knows a thing or two about sandwich fillings! 🙂 

Thanks, Dante.

That was three years ago.  And then this morning I was thinking about breakfast and that sandwich came back to mind. Which got me thinking…

If cream cheese and strawberries make good sandwiches surely they would make even better stuffed french toast!

I had to try.

The strawberries this time were frozen, so I let them thaw enough to slice before layering them on cream cheese spread on bread.

Thawed frozen strawberries always look a bit like jam to me…

I sprinkled some confectioner’s sugar over the top, then added a lid of bread spread with a little more cream cheese before dipping the sandwich into the egg and milk mixture and browning in a pan with a little hot oil.

I don’t really follow a recipe for french toast, generally two or three eggs with a generous splash of milk whisked together and some vanilla extract ad powdered cinnamon added to the egg mixture is plenty for two or three  people. 

The general rule on amounts is that 2 eggs and 1/4 cup of milk with whatever flavouring you choose is about right.

Once the sandwiches were browned I put them into a warm oven for a few minutes just to ensure that the cream cheese was heated through.

Then I dove in.

The photograph is rubbish, but I will be honest.  I am fortunate to have it, I was a bit too keen to do the taste test…

I loved it, Allan wasn’t so keen.  But then he wouldn’t even try the cream cheese and strawberry sandwiches three years ago, so that he even tasted this was a step forward.

Baby steps!