Saint Valentine’s Gift Book

We have been married for almost four years,  and one of the things Allan found bizarre about me is my love of celebrating everything.

I particularly love giving gifts, for every occasion.  I just love thinking about someone and finding something that I know they will enjoy, that will give them pleasure.

And giving Allan gifts is my very favourite thing.

He is very generous to me, and indulges my whims, including one of my firmly held beliefs that every Christmas Eve we need new nightclothes, just for Santa.

I told you… the man is a saint!!

We agreed two years ago that Valentine’s gifts would mean more to us if we made them ourselves.

Last year I took some photographs of us to celebrate our relationship and printed them in black and white and framed them as his gift.  He really loved them and hung them by his bedside.

This year was a bit more difficult as we are back in a fly in community with no access to craft making items except through the internet and with the mail service here being touch and go I had to come up with something I could create with things we already had in the house.

I came up with the notion of making him a book of reasons I love him and through lack of anything else decided to use a deck of cards.   That gave me the title of “52 reasons I love You.”.

I beaded a heart on some denim as a cover and wrote 52 reasons I love him which I printed out and pasted onto the cards before laminating them and binding them with two rings.

The rings are a bit too big but I had to work with what I had in the house.  When we move I am going to get slightly smaller ones to improve the look of the book.

Allan loved it, and was really touched by each reason I listed.

It was a fun thing to make and even more fun to give.

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