Welcome to Happy Domesticity!

In August 2007 I moved from Northern Ireland to Canada.  I left my family and friends, and a small storage container, giving everything else away.  It was a move for love and one I am grateful for everyday.  We lived for a couple of years on a fly in First Nations Reserve in Northern Ontario.

In August 2008 my husband accepted a job which would mean not only a move across Canada but also that I would no longer be working.  We put most of our possessions into another storage container.

This change was something that I embraced as an opportunity to revel in spending my days happily looking after our home, but that also made me worry about feeling as though I were a burden and not “pulling my weight” in our relationship.

Soon after our move that worry left me.  My days are busily taken up with my happy domesticity and my husband no longer has to reassure me that I am a contributing.

It was with this realisation that I decided to spend a little time building a resource that may help others who are facing my situation either through choice or circumstance.

And, of course, it will be fun too!

I plan to share here my experimentation in the kitchen and anything else that I found interesting or exciting when I discovered it. 

In August 2009 my husband accepted another job which meant moving halfway back across Canada.  He likes to move a lot.  I am great at packing.  We put even more of our possessions into a third storage container.

We are single handedly trying to keep the Canadian storage facilities in profit.

This time we are on another fly in First Nations reserve.

My husband plans another move for us, again in August. 

What is it with us and August? 

Welcome to my Happy Domesticity!

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